Ithaca Cemetery

~The Ithaca Cemetery is located at 325 Spring St. near the Northwest Corner of Ithaca~

The Cemetery Association began in 1863, with 6 acres.
The Mausoleum was built in 1917, and was renovated in 1998.
Since 1970 the cemetery has been expanded to the North and South and today totals 24 acres.

Burial Lots and Grave Marker Foundations

For current pricing on cemetery lots and foundations please contact City Hall at (989) 875-3200.

Cemetery Decorating

All flowers, including artificial, must be in an urn.  Urns must be placed on a foundation and maintained.

Arches for hanging baskets and shepherd hooks are strictly prohibited.

All glass, ceramic, or like breakable material of any type for any reason is prohibited.

Complete list of Cemetery Rules can be viewed by clicking the link below:



Cemetery Clean Up

Winter decorations or artificial flowers may be maintained on graves until April 1st.  Any decorations that are not removed by April 1st shall be considered abandoned and may be disposed of by the cemetery management without notice.

Spring decorations may be placed beginning on May 1st.

Contact the City Clerk

For lot pricing, sales and information contact City Clerk, Cathy Cameron
by using the email form to the right or call City Hall at 989-875-3200.

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