The Downtown Development Authority Board

The Ithaca Downtown Development Authority, or DDA, is an organization of the city of Ithaca charged with the development, revitalization, and promotion of the city’s downtown commercial core. The DDA works to invest in capital improvements to the downtown area, creating an attractive and vibrant town center.

The Downtown Development Authority works in conjunction with goals and objectives established in the City’s Master Plan and the Downtown Development Authority.

The regular meetings of the City of Ithaca Downtown Development Authority will be held quarterly on the second Monday of each month listed at 12:00 noon in the Council Chambers located at Ithaca City Hall, 129 W. Emerson Street, Ithaca, Michigan 48847.

There are 2 Board Member terms that will be expiring June 30, 2021.
If you are in the DDA District and are interested in filling a vacancy on the Board
see the Boards & Commissions page for details and application.

The DDA Board

• Janet Strong                  Chair (Alley T)

• Kimberly Hodge            Vice-Chair (Daily Living Home Care)

• Marci Browne                Secretary/Treasurer (America's Choice Realty)

• Deb Vusich                     Member (Burford Plumbing & Heating)

• Kevin Collison                Member (Commercial Bank)

• Shelly Betancourt           Member (Center for Women's Health)

• Vacant                            Member (Resident)

• Vacant                            Member

• Alice Schafer                   Member Ex-Officio (Mayor)

City Staff

• Shelly Moffit                   DDA Coordinator

•Jamey Conn                    City Manager


Meeting Dates

April 12, 2021

*June 14, 2021

*September 13, 2021

December 13, 2021

*Meetings held in June and September will dedicate a portion of the agenda for public information as required by the State of Michigan, which allows the public to be informed and provide input on the goals and direction of the DDA, including projects to be undertaken in the coming year.

Business to be considered by the Downtown Development Authority and placed on the agenda must be done so by no later than 12:00 PM noon on the Wednesday preceding the meeting.  Public comments are a normal agenda item and if unable to attend, public comments may be submitted in writing prior to any meeting.

By Laws of the Ithaca Downtown Development Authority & Public Reporting Requirements

The DDA is a component unit of the City of Ithaca.  Financial information can be accessed here:  Accounting and Financial Reports

DDA Meeting Minutes

Contact the DDA

To Contact the DDA Coordinator Shelly Moffit call 989-875-3200 or email by using the form to the right.

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