Robert Studt, Director of Public Works

The DPW Work Crew

• Jeff Glynn
• Brandon Smith
• Jarred Waldron
• Devin Barnes
• Brad Martyn
• Tim Stratton


The Department of Public Works (DPW) is responsible for maintaining the operations and beautification of the City's parks, municipal buildings, cemtery, cleaning and mowing of roadsides, city-owned lots, downtown and fairgrounds.

They maintain the operations of the water and sewer systems, which included water metering, wastewater collection, water distribution, maintenance of hydrants, installation of new water services and water tapping, hydrant flushing, water sampling/testing, maintenance of wells and lagoons, sewer, catch basin and storm drainage, cleaning and repair of our city streets including sweeping, cold/hot patching, parking and street painting, street sign repairs and replacements and snow removal.

The department also maintains the summer flowers, operates a tree trimming and removal program, performs equipment maintenance, brush pile maintenance at the end of Meadow Lane, and are caretakers of the cemetery.

City of Ithaca Water Quality Report

How to Reach the DPW

Contact DPW by calling (989) 875-3200 or by using the
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