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A division of the Gratiot Area Chamber of Commerce, the Ithaca Promotional Committee works to promote Ithaca and its activities. Ithaca Promotional Committee hosts several events through out the year.  Visit their facebook page for more information.

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2021 Person of the Year


Ithaca Person of the Year - Dr. David Freestone

The 2021 recipient of the Ithaca Person of the Year is passionate about improving the world around him and does so through  his acts of service to the people and places around Gratiot County.  He received his undergraduate degree from Michigan State University and then went on to medical school at the University of Michigan.  He chose to do his residency in Albany, NY In an effort to expand  his opportunities of exposure to a wide variety of medical conditions.  Following this, he served his country for four years at Columbus Air Force Base in Mississippi.

This recipient is an adventurous world traveler who has been to 6 of the 7 continents and took 500 days to travel across America prior to beginning his career in Mid Michigan.  Following this exciting adventure, he decided to put his roots down in Gratiot County where he could raise his son Caleb and daughter Amelia.  The community of Ithaca felt like the perfect place to raise his family and also allowed him to take on the role of rural family doctor where he could work with multiple generations in the same family.

His passion for taking care of others Is  evident throughout the community.   Young  children  have  enjoyed the Playscape that was built in Woodland  Park,  in which he was the co-project manager of.  Many student athletes in Ithaca  have been thankful for his willingness  to conduct sports physicals at the school.  His presence on the sidelines of the football  field, and various other sports, as team doctor has been Invaluable.  This type of involvement has allowed him to build both relationships and community.

In  addition to being  passionate about the people in the community of Ithaca, he is committed  to preserving and protecting the environment as well.  Several acres of his property have been set aside through a Conservation Restoration Project to support native plant and wildlife species including  pheasants, bees and monarch butterflies.  Throughout the last 20 years, with the help of his children and family, he has planted over 4.800 trees for future generations to enjoy.

Ithaca's Person of the Year is someone who tirelessly devotes his time and energy to supporting both his community and  the world, in whatever way possible.

The 2021 Ithaca Person of the Year Award goes to Dr. David  Freestone.