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A division of the Gratiot Area Chamber of Commerce, the Ithaca Promotional Committee works to promote Ithaca and its activities. Ithaca Promotional Committee hosts several events through out the year.  Visit their facebook page for more information.

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2022 Person of the Year

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Ithaca Person's of the Year - Jerry & Cathy Timmons

They are always there to support all Community activities or functions, providing needed items and services, as well as giving of themselves to ensure there is nothing holding back the events success.

They bring a varying talents and skills, which benefit our many needs in the Community and their overall efforts and commitment to the kids and people of our community which goes beyond words.  Many of us do not realize just how much time and effort Cathy and Jerry have given to Ithaca over the years. They work from early, early morning until very, very late in the evening on many events put on for our community. If we need them to help with anything, they are ALWAYS there with smiles and energy ready to pitch in and make it happen. This is a couple that you see put the street signs up in the morning and taking them down at night for many event that goes on in our community. There are many people that work so very hard on some event in the community but these volunteers work hard on most all of the events and when someone make an anonymous donation to the school, the flower project or any event going on downtown it’s many time the Timmons behind the scenes.

Over the years their support of the many things the City of Ithaca, Promotional Committee and school put on for the community are: The Annual IPC Easter Egg Hunt, Memorial Day Celebration, Children’s Day Camp, Ithaca Fun Fest, October Fall Fest, Christmas under the Stars, Ithaca School events, Arts in the Park events, just to mention a few.  Nevertheless, I am sure there are many other dimensions of support they have given or do currently give to the Community that reaches far beyond my interactions with them.

I cannot think of any one more deserving of this honor then Cathy and Jerry Timmons. This quote perfectly describes the Timmons.

People are like stained-glass windows.  They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within.  ~Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

They have a beautiful giving light from within that has always been given feely for over 30 years to our community.