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Current city hall building

City of Ithaca

129 W. Emerson Street
Ithaca, Michigan 48847

Office: 989-875-3200
Fax: 989-875-4064

Other Important Contacts

Thompson Home Public Library             (989) 875 4184
Fire & Rescue Non-Emergency              (989) 875 3968
Police Non-Emergency                           (989) 875 5214
After Hours Water-Sewer Emergency     (989) 875-7505
Emergency Services                                911

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Brett Baublitz

Jamey Conn
City Manager
Planning & Zoning
Code Enforcement
Economic Development

Barbara Fandell
City Treasurer/Finance Director
Property Tax Information
Human Resources

Cathy Cameron
City Clerk
Election/Voter Info
FOIA Coordinator
Utility Billing
Cemetery Administration

Dave Nelson
Fire Chief, CAO


Brandon Smith
Department of Public Works Superintendent
Parks & Recreation

Jarred Waldron
Department of Public Works Water/Sewer Services Superintendent

Chuck Zemla & Melissa Zemla
City Assessor & Assistant

Abby Hill
Library Director

Jamie Space
Deputy Treasurer
Accounts Payable/Receivable
Property Tax Information

Shelly Moffit
Deputy Clerk
DDA Coordinator
Community Center &
Park Reservations

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