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Therapeutic Body works Practitioner: Lilly Smith

Specializing in Relaxation, Chronic Pain, and Stress Release Massage Therapy

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Sufferers of Chronic Back, Neck, Hip, and Other Joint Pains:

Sufferers of Chronic Back, Neck, Hip, and Other Joint Pains:
When muscles get stiff and tight they tend to pull on bones causing pain and or misalignment. If you have tried a Chiropractor for such pain in the past and have gotten only short term relief, maybe it�s time you gave Massage Therapy a try. Massage Therapy can be applied in conjunction with Chiropractic, Physical Therapy or on its own. Ithaca Therapeutic & Sports Massage offers a combination of Therapies for such aches and pains.

Massages Starting at:
30 minute $35.00
60 minute $55.00
90 minute $85.00

1. Rain Drop Therapy 2. Trigger Point Therapy 3. Indirect Myofascial Release 4. Acupressure 5. Lymph Massage 6 .Hot Stone Massage & Sea Shell massage 7. Tuning Forks
8. Color Therapy 9. Chinese Cupping 10. Oncology Massage: for people with cancer. 11. TMJ Massage for pain, and muscle relaxation in the head and jaw. 12. Herbal Bio Ionic Detoxification Foot Spa: for energy balance, muscle relaxation, pain, and wellness. 13. Swedish Massage 14. Deep Tissue Massage (Direct Myofasciact release) 15. Infrared Sauna 16. CranioSacral 17. Reflexology 18. Spa Therapy: wraps & Body Scrucs 19. Sports Massage 20. Prenatal Massage 21. Infant Massage Therapist & Instructor 22. Meridian Work & Light Healing Touch 23. Bach Flower Remedies & Essential Oils 24. and so much more!

Specializing in Massage Therapy for Chronic Pain, Relaxation, and Stress Release.

Sports Massage: It can be any combination of Deep Tissue massage, Structural Integration, Tuning Forks, Heat or Ice, and Trigger Point therapy in attempt to achieve desired results. Assists in the healing of pulled, strained, swelled, and tightened muscles.

Body Wraps with a Sugar Scrubs or Salt Glows and a Massage:
Vigorously massaged to remove the outer layer of dead skin, clean pores, and rejuvenates the skin at the same time. Then a seaweed or mud mixture is painted on the body to enhance perspiration and detoxification.

Infrared Sauna: used for relaxation, lessens chronic fatigue.

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