Sidewalk Improvement Plan – Proposal Renewal

City of Ithaca
Sidewalk Improvement Plan
Proposal Renewal

On your November 2, 2021 Ballot you will find a proposal for a renewal of the Sidewalk Improvement Plan:

Shall the Charter of the City of Ithaca be amended for the purpose of repairing, improving and constructing sidewalks in the City by levy and collection of one (1.00) additional mill per year for six (6) years, beginning in 2022? If approved, it is estimated that 1.00 mill would raise approximately $65,740 when first levied in 2022.

Over the past six years the original millage raised $383,873.69. With these funds the City was able to replace or repair approximately seven (7) miles of sidewalks. It is estimated that the City maintains 30-35 miles of sidewalks. If the millage is renewed the City would continue with the Sidewalk Improvement Plan.