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Building Inspecions and Zoning Administration

The City currently contracts the Building Inspection services with the County of Gratiot.  Building permits are required for new construction and remodeling, including roofs.  Residents and/or contractors must first obtain zoning approval from the City and once approved the County Inspector will be able to issue the building permit.  Zoning Applications are available at City Hall.  All approvals and permits must be acquired before the start of any work.
If you have a project that involves ground breaking, an Excavation Permit must be obtained from the City Hall.  This includes projects as sidewalk construction/repair, water or sewer line repair etc. 
Excavation work as defined by City Zoning Ordinance Section 4.18 is grading, stripping, excavating, filling or earth change.  Permit pricing is based on the project cost.


The City of Ithaca has a Rental Housing Inspection program.  Owners of rental properties are required each year to register each rental unit. A rental license is also required, which requires that the property is inspected annually. Rental units must comply with the International Property Maintenance Code. A rental license cost $40 for single units and $5 for each additional unit in the same building. After the inspection, the City will either send the owner a rental license or correction/compliance notice. The initial inspection and first re-inspection fee are included in the original license fee. Any additional re-inspections will cost $30 per visit.  

To get a rental license application call 989-875-3200 or download and print from the list below.
The Rental Certification Policy is available for review at City Hall or here:  Rental Inspection Certification Policy

Click here for the Tenants and Landlords guide.  
In addition to structural matters, the City of Ithaca inspection guidelines also require that the exterior of homes be properly maintained and yards kept free of trash, brush and debris as well as grass mowed.
Permits are required by the State of Michigan for Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical work.  The permit forms are available below and more information may be obtain at .  These permit forms are sent in to the State of Michigan and not to the City of Ithaca.

Contact City Hall by calling (989) 875-3200 or by using the e-mail contact form below:

Excavation & Utility Permit

Excavation work as defined by City Zoning Ordinance Section 4.18, grading, stripping, excavating, filling or earth change, requires a permit in the City of Ithaca.
To obtain the proper permit, contact City Hall prior to the project start.    
Also, remember to call Miss Dig before you dig to protect underground utilities and yourself!  The number to call is 811.

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